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Emma repurposes secondhand books to create intricate sculptures which give life to the ideas, information or stories contained within the books' pages. The detailed forms which she creates appear to emerge directly from the pages as strips of text become nesting material for birds, the pages of an open book form tumultuous waves upon which a galleon sails or printed text becomes the bricks and mortar of grand buildings. 


Having always been happiest in nature, the natural world features heavily in Emma's work. With trees offering a particular fascination, the origin of the paper itself is often referenced as the paper pages are transformed back into ancient trees.


In 2017 Emma graduated from University College London with a degree in History of Art, the study of which continues to inspire the development of her sculptural work. Her work has been exhibited in galleries in Cambridge and London and also internationally at art fairs in London and Hong Kong since 2013. 

A Pocket Book of Trees.jpg
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