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Emma repurposes vintage books to create sculptures which celebrate the natural world. She embraces evidence of use and the process of aging in the books she selects to emphasise their history and organic nature. By regularly transforming the paper pages back into ancient trees Emma references the origin of the paper itself and highlights the intrinsic connection between books and trees. It is by drawing on the example of trees that she parallels our need for balance by returning to and growing with our own nature and the natural world around us in order to thrive in our increasingly vulnerable world and digital-led society.

The use of books as artistic medium perfectly combines the creative arts with Emma’s interest in academic study, having graduated from University College London in 2017 with a degree in the History of Art.

In 2023 Emma was commissioned to create a sculpture to mark the opening of Aviva Studios, Manchester and has exhibited her work in galleries in Cambridge and London and also internationally at art fairs in London and Hong Kong since 2013. Her work is held in private collections around the world.

A Pocket Book of Trees
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